Importing Data using a CSV file downloaded from PayPal – fastest way to get historical transaction data in Putler

We recommend using CSV data for importing historical data. Importing CSV data is very fast and reliable. The only things to keep in mind are to download all activity along with shopping cart details and to select correct date format while importing.

Downloading History Log From PayPal

  • Login to PayPal.
  • Click on History -> Download History.
  • On the resulting page, select date range of the transactions you want to download.
  • Make sure to select “Comma Delimited, All Activity” as File Type.
  • Make sure to check “Include Shopping Cart details” option.
  • Click on Download History button.
  • PayPal will start generating the CSV file. Once the file is ready, you will receive a notification via email.
  • Do the following after the file is generated.
  • Come back to History -> Download History.
  • Come to “Download Recent History Logs” page.
  • Select the log file.
  • Click on “Download Log“.
  • A CSV file will be downloaded.

Importing History Log In Putler

  • Open this downloaded file in a text editor – like Notepad / Text Edit. Do not open it in Excel / Open Office / Numbers or any other spreadsheet application.
  • Check the date format. Is it MM/DD/YYYY? DD/MM/YYYY? Or something else? Keep a note of it.
  • Come to Putler -> Settings -> Accounts.
  • Click on the name of account you want to import the CSV for.
  • Select the option to Import Additional Data -> Using CSV.
  • Select date format from the drop down. Make sure you select correct date format. The file won’t import otherwise.
  • Click Import and select your CSV file.
  • Putler will now go ahead, read the file, parse it and update database with it.
  • The process may take a few seconds and the application may seem frozen.
  • Once it’s done, Putler will show the dashboard with your imported data.
  • BTW, if the CSV contained data outside the current date range in Putler, you can change date range to see imported transactions.
  • All good? Start digging to discover insights now!

What to do if Putler does not accept your CSV file?

  • Ensure that you selected Comma Delimited file, and included Shopping Cart Details while downloading the file.
  • Double check that all the following fields are included in the export by clicking on the “Customize” link on download history logs page.
    PayPal CSV Export Field Selection (click for full size image)