In 2009, our products business was picking up, and I woke up everyday with an intense desire to check our PayPal account. The thrill of making money while sleeping kept me pushing through the days! Initially, I checked PayPal 5 times a day. As we gathered momentum, that frequency kept increasing.

But I couldn’t bear the wait time. Logging into PayPal takes a good 20 seconds. Clicking on a transaction to see order details takes another 5. If there was a refund to be made, and the order was on first page of transaction history, it could take anywhere north of a minute. But if I had to search for that order, or if I didn’t get exact transaction details from customer, it’d take a lot longer.

Fast forward to 2014, and a small program I wrote to solve those problems for myself, has become a trusted tool for thousands of people like me. Today, Putler not only saves me at least 45 minutes of work everyday but also provides unmatched clarity and insight into my businesses.

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