10x Workshop: Intuition is killing your business, here’s how

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8 thoughts on “Intuition is killing your business

  1. Good take on data. This video actually prompted me to check my Google Analytics numbers and find out what’s hampering my business. I’m excited to know what’s next.

  2. Hi there. Found the numbers for average revenue per visitor and average revenue per customer. I was quite shocked to see how low my visitor to customer ratio was..

    Waiting for the 10x formula and strategies in your next video.

    1. Think about the “backstory” that low conversion rate tell you Steve.. Also see which pages are getting most visitors. Revising those pages to better address visitor needs can improve results quickly.

      Anyway.. more about all this in the next video.. So stay tuned!

  3. Hi Nirav. I totally agree with you that shying away from data is not the solution. But numbers are so scary sometimes – you do want to run away from them 🙂

    I’m learning Google Analytics – and how to make sense of it. Still nowhere close to where I want to be, but GA makes a lot more sense now..

    BTW, great video.. Just shared it with all my friends on FB!

    1. I can relate to that!!

      But do figure out three-four main metrics for your business and track them. Think about ways to improve them, and take “baby-steps”.

  4. Liked the way you stressed on the importance of data. The swimming pool example really stood out. Never imagined something like that could have such a huge impact in personal life.

  5. Thanks for putting up this video. I have customers sign up for free trial but not able to convert them to paid ones. Hope this 10x formula works for me.

  6. I have hired a consultant to look into my business data and things are looking good. But, I wish, I could understand all that myself and cut down that consulting cost. Will this 10x workshop help me achieve that?

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