10x Workshop: The Low Hanging Fruits

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5 thoughts on “The Low Hanging Fruits

  1. Amazing concept Nirav. I liked the customer segmentation part the most. I personally feel it’s the best low hanging fruit.

  2. Really inspiring video. I am most of the times scared to try out things but the strategies you mentioned has given me some confidence to go ahead. I would like to begin with the product rearrangement strategy. Is it the right choice?

  3. Nice video! You mentioned about adding live chat to webpages to improve conversions. Heard it for the first time. Seems interesting though. Will surely try it out.

  4. Thanks for this. Already started working on cleaning up low engaging blog posts. Eagerly waiting for positive results.

    1. Awesome Martis! It may take a couple of months for actual results to show up.. But it certainly will..

      Also think about writing long content rich blog posts!

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