10x Workshop: The 10x Formula

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3 thoughts on “The 10x Formula

  1. OMG.. This is awesome. Thank you for creating this – slightly long – but in-depth video.

    Your 10x formula makes sense. Never thought of splitting my goals like that. Will certainly try it soon.

    Thank you also for the resource PDF.. Lot of things I didn’t know of..

    As for my three actions for today:
    1. Revise my sales page from “customer” perspective
    2. Setup one split test with Google Optimize – for a headline on a product page
    3. Write one auto responder for new customers

  2. Hi Nirav,

    I have been using your StoreApps products for a number of years now, but am only now beginning to leverage them, as I have managed to finally step away from the more operational matters of my business.

    I am one of those people who shies away from numbers, and relies almost exclusively on my gut instincts to run things. Thank you for making light of these simple business metrics that I can get hold of right away! I have come to greatly appreciate your videos, as you are candid in your sharing and observations.

    It’s also tremendously helpful that you remind us to take baby steps towards improving our metrics.

    Here are the 3 things that I will do today:
    1. Set up one cross sell, one upsell and one downsell using the Smart Offers plugin
    2. Tweak product pages to show related products
    3. Tweak blogpost pages to show related articles based on blogpost category.

    Can’t thank you enough for making me feel like I have some control over my business sales direction. Hope you’ll have a terrific day yourself! 🙂

    1. Michelle: You have a perfect start! I think most of us entrepreneurs get stuck in day to day.

      Do track the three metrics – traffic, conversion and ARPU. And keep evaluating results of your experiments every week or two!

      Wish this is the start of a great breakthrough for your business. We will have more on 10x soon!

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