What Is Putler / What Is Putler Lite?

Putler is our business analytics tool for online sellers. Putler Lite is its companion product for mobile devices. Putler Lite is a “viewer” for data shared from Putler desktop. Putler Lite does not store / ask for your PayPal credentials, does not retrieve data from PayPal and also does not have a lot of features.

How Does It Work?

Putler (desktop) downloads PayPal transactions. It then takes a snapshot of month to date data and puts it into a shared Dropbox folder. Putler Lite downloads this snapshot from Dropbox and shows on the mobile device. Putler takes such snapshots at regular intervals, and Putler Lite keeps checking for updates every five minutes.

Download Putler

If you do not have Putler desktop, you can download it from here. We have a free version (7 days data) and paid versions (starting from $4.99).

Questions? Feedback?

Feel free to contact us from here.