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Best Etsy Seller Apps of 2024 [Updated]

Here are the best Etsy seller apps for your Etsy shop. All these Etsy apps helps increase visibility, productivity and sales. Take a look at features, pros and cons


Last updated on January 2, 2024

As one of the world’s largest marketplaces of handmade items, Etsy is a great place to buy and sell high-quality, handcrafted products. However, with 2.1 million active competitors, standing out as one of the top-rated Etsy sellers can be tough.

The good news is that there are loads of Etsy seller apps designed to help you achieve your goals.

So if you sell on Etsy, here’s a list of 10 Best Etsy seller apps that will help you gain more visibility, increase productivity, and boost sales.

Watch this video to discover the top 10 seller apps on Etsy. And if you wish to dive into the details of each app, keep reading.

Etsy seller app for referral marketing – ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy is the best referral marketing app for Etsy sellers. It is simple and easy to use.

Your customers get a personal referral link, which they can share with their friends. Whenever a friend of your customer makes a purchase via the referral link, your customer gets a reward, and this process snowballs, leading to more referrals and sales.

Price: Starts at $47/month Billed yearly


  • Integrate with your store, seamlessly
  • Connect with your marketing apps
  • Automate your entire referral program
  • Promote your referral program across marketing channels


  • Customer oriented and efficient
  • Brings in a great number amount of new customers!


  • No A/B testing capabilities
  • Integration can be a little confusing

Open ReferralCandy

Etsy seller app for reporting – Putler

Putler is the best analytics and reporting app for Etsy sellers. It pulls in transactions from one or multiple Etsy shops, effortlessly, providing you with an X-ray view of your Etsy business. Putler can also connect with multiple data sources, such as payment gateways (PayPal/Stripe, etc.) as well as Google Analytics, aggregating all your data in one place and showing you detailed reports on products, sales, customers, and website traffic.

Not just reports and metrics, Putler also provides growth insights and marketing features like sales heatmaps, forecasting, customer segmentation, and a lot more.

Price: Starts from $29/Month


  • Personalized growth recommendations
  • 200+ key performance indicators and reports
  • Issue refunds and manage subscriptions
  • RFM customer segmentation
  • Inbound & Outbound API
  • Import data from multiple sources
  • Automatic cleansing, de-duplication, enrichment, currency, and timezone conversion
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Can be used by both SaaS and non-SaaS businesses


  • Most competitors only cater to businesses with monthly recurring revenue
  • Affordable pricing compared to competitors
  • Easy statistics for products and total orders – easy to track and follow customers
  • In-depth customer analytics
  • Easy to use


  • No mobile app
  • No inventory reports

Etsy seller app for seo – Marmalead

If you sell on Etsy, you know the importance of SEO. SEO can turn your store around, and Marmalead is just the tool you need to be the top Etsy seller.

This Etsy app finds the keywords real shoppers use to find listings similar to yours. You can also check out the search volume and keyword engagement, as well as see the market-based pricing and how many days it usually takes to ship a product.

Once you have found the winning keywords, apply them to your listings, and buyers will be able to find your shop with ease.

Price: The entrepreneur plan costs $19/month.


  • Keyword Search
  • Keyword Comparison
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Trending Tags


  • Generates the right title and tag for Etsy shop
  • Awesome tool for Etsy SEO success and easy to use!


  • No customer service

Open Marmalead

Etsy seller app for social media marketing – Sked Social

Sked Social connects to almost all your social media accounts and allows you to plan daily and/or weekly posting activities for your shop. The app also integrates with Shopify, Etsy, ebay, BigCartel, and other eCommerce platforms. Other useful tools include hashtags, image collages, GIFs, and title tags.

Price: Starts at $30 USD/month


  • Week and Day Planner: Create a week/day full of posts from your product listings with just a few clicks.
  • Social media calendar
  • Social media image manager
  • Collage maker
  • Content/GIF search to find engaging content


  • Makes your business look professional.
  • Excellent online support
  • Increases conversion rate


  • Weekly planner not included in the basic social planner
  • Posting could lead to spam if not properly planned

Open Sked Social

Etsy seller app for print-on-demand dropshipping – Printify

The Printify app is an all-in-one order fulfillment solution for Etsy stores selling customized or personalized products. It enables sellers to apply their own unique designs to more than 850 different products that can then be listed directly on Etsy.

Using Printify is free, and it connects sellers to a wide network of Print Providers all over the world, who print, package, and ship your custom products directly to the customers.

Printify dashboard

Price: Free to use; Premium Plan available for $29/month


  • Free and intuitive Mockup Generator
  • 850+ products available for customization
  • Branding options
  • 80+ printing facilities all over the world
  • Various customization options – DTG, sublimation, embroidery, and more


  • No inventory or upfront investment required
  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Seamless integration with Etsy and other platforms


  • Lack of quality control
  • Longer fulfillment times as products are made per order

Open Printify

Etsy seller app for bulk editing and store management – Zetsy

Zetsy is a home-grown Windows application shop management tool. The program downloads your store’s information and saves it to a local database file.

The Etsy dashboard consists of listing information displayed in a scrollable grid along with views and graphs.

Price: Starts from $50


  • Unlimited content & users
  • Supported users
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Multi site management
  • Data migration
  • 3rd party integrations


  • Easy of use
  • Super convenient and saves a lot of expenses
  • Complete automation.


  • Billing is not easy to understand

Open Zetsy

Etsy app for email marketing – Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is a good match for Etsy sellers. Etsy sellers can drag and drop their product images and descriptions directly into their Mad Mimi newsletter via a simple and intuitive interface. Mad Mimi makes it simple and enjoyable to create beautiful HTML emails.

Price: Basic plan $10/month


  • User, role, and access management
  • Data import & export tools
  • Reporting & analytics


  • Easy to use, fun and friendly environment
  • The interface is pretty easy to use and organizes by email lists


  • Limited email templates and sign-up form options compared to other email service providers

Open Mad Mimi

Etsy app for affiliate tracking – LeadDyno

LeadDyno offers one-click integration with Etsy, making it incredibly easy to set up an affiliate program for your Etsy shop.

Price: Starts from $49/month


  • Mobile optimized
  • Single-click social sharing
  • Online marketing tracking
  • Easy marketing
  • Easy affiliate signup
  • Google Adwords conversion tracking


  • Easy to sign up and navigate
  • Easy for influencers to use
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Poor customer service

Open LeadDyno

Etsy app for automate social media posts – Outfy

Outfy is an Etsy tool that helps you promote your Etsy listings in just a few clicks and publish your social media posts automatically. You can review the posting schedule and adjust it to your needs, build promotion templates, and create a list of hashtags to use in your posts.

Price: The Starter plan is free to use for the first 30 posts, after that, prices start at 2.5 cents per share or post.


  • Get social
  • Beautiful videos
  • Animated GIFs


  • Easily create ads, videos, collages, and animated GIFs
  • Eye-popping designs, eye-catching impressions
  • Save time and money


  • Duplicates posts
  • Not ready for iPad, and the interface needs improvement

Open Outfy

Etsy seller app for keyword research – Alura

Alura is an all-in-one platform designed to assist Etsy sellers in conducting effective keyword research. With a user-friendly interface, Alura simplifies the process of finding the right keywords that potential customers use to search for products similar to yours on Etsy.

Price: Starts at $19‍.99/month


  • Product research
  • Listing optimization
  • Keyword research


  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive product research
  • Listing optimization
  • Cost-effective


  • Limited free features
  • Premium plan cost

Open Alura

Etsy seller app for print on demand – Printful

The Printful app enables you to automate your Etsy shop so you can put your custom designs on the likes of clothes, bedding, mugs and posters. Integration of the app is free and the items will be shipped as soon as they are ordered.

Price: Free to use


  • Customization service
  • Intuitive design tool
  • Integration with platforms
  • Smart features


  • Save time on the technical side of running a business
  • Easy to establish your brand
  • Easy to customize your designs


  • Returns management may require more attention
  • Order fulfillment takes longer
  • You lose control over the fulfillment process and quality of the products.

Open Printful

Over to you!

So these were our picks for the 10 best Etsy apps available for Etsy sellers. Each app has its unique benefits and assists you in the various aspects of running an Etsy shop.

But there are a couple of apps that every Etsy seller can benefit from no matter what they sell on Etsy – Putler and Marmalead.

Putler is the best Etsy seller app that provides in-depth analytics and reports from your Etsy data in an easy-to-understand dashboard. It provides you with actionable insights on how to grow your Etsy store by offering marketing features like forecasting, customer segmentation, sales heatmaps and more. And, the best part? Etsy recommends Putler too!

Marmalead helps increase the visibility of your products on Etsy, making it one of the best Etsy seller apps for promoting your store.

But ultimately, the choice is yours! Pick the best Etsy seller apps that fit in with your business goals.

If you wish to get started for free, take advantage of the 14-day free trial of Putler.

Try Putler for free

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